Uber X. Making money with Uber the HUSTLERS way. How to make $1400 in 4 DAYS driving with UBER.

Uber X Drivers. Making money with Uber the HUSTLERS way. How to make $1400 in 4 DAYS driving with UBER.
Explaining how one driver made $1400 in less than four days. He told me his secret he says that he gets in his car and does not turn the app off. This driver except every single ride. Ideally this is what Uber wants every driver to do. This was the San Francisco driver driving on the week of dream force A very large Salesforce tech conference that draws more than 150,000 people to San Francisco. This event created surge pricing throughout the city.
The bay area is known for tech conferences and events.
Have you ever considered Uber XL , uber black, uber suv or uber car?
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