How Do Youtubers Make Money?

Heres a video about money…

Let me address a few things yall are commenting on, “oh so and so did a free meetup here” yo, im sure we may be able to get away with a free meet and greet but the whole “what if ” thing is scary. The one we did in new jersey, a lovely viewer drove all the way up from florida to meet us, what if the police had shut that down? She drove all the way here for nothing! Wed hate to guarentee meeting yall and then having to take that away.

And if you say “taylor caniff is doing a free tour why cant you” breh, somebody is paying for him to travel all around the country and rent out venues, idk how he manages to do it for free but if you could let me know please do. Besides that kid is ballin dont he have like 3 cars haha

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