How do websites make money?
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There are many ways that websites are able to make money and in this video we will go over 9 of the most popular methods that websites use to make money.

This video discusses the following:
• Three reasons why it’s a good idea to start a website to make money
• Nine things that websites can do to make money
• A few examples of the ways that I make money on the website

Three reasons you should start a website to make money:

1) Low start-up cost
2) People can visit while you sleep
3) You can automate most of the work

Nine things that website do to make money:
1) Sell a product
2) Sell a service
3) Advertising
-Google Adense
-Direct advertising
-In-text advertising
4) Affiliate marketing
5) Create a membership website
6) Donations
7) Pay what you want
8) Sell user data
9) Sell the website

Ways that the website makes money:
1) Affiliate marketing
2) Pay what you want
3) Advertising (In the future, this will be a method)

These are the most popular methods, though I don’t think it covers all of them.

What methods did I miss?

What methods have been most successful for you?

Let myself and others know how your websites makes money!

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